Wrath of Fate

A Completely Normal Party

at which half of the guests were murdered.

The Players kicked back at a totally normal party

at which half of the guests were murdered. A demon showed up, Emere blew his chance for a promotion, Wil almost fell off a building. It was pretty cool. The PC’s, after much unnecessary intimidation of innocent bystanders, tracked the demon to it’s place of origin. The summoner had gotten the hell outta dodge and left a crazy doomsday machine. Despite all that, things went pretty smooth. Emere got the frost sword (which he later named Tyrfing) that he’s been complaining about forever. Bo Battlecrag the Bugbear stole some residuum from Wil, Wil swore revenge on Bo Battlecrag the Bugbear. Hrothgar got bored and decided to fade into another plane of existence or something, I don’t know. All in all not bad. So then they set off to find the summoner. He found them, as it were. Convenient huh? Anyway Bo crashed into a hospital, Emere tackled a wizard on a flying rock and Wil and Eric killed the fudge out of everyone else. It was cool. Seriously. The mayor even thanked them and stuff.



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