Wrath of Fate

Jiminy? Seriously?
What kind of name is that?

Jiminy? Seriously?

This one actually had goblins. One was even named Jiminy. He proved troublesome. Emere was contacted by a mysterious member of the King’s Citadel for a job offer, and a test to go with it. He had to track down a Hobgoblin Drug Dealer called the “Devil’s Advocate.” He hired Wilbo, was assigned Halkad as a medic/supervisor/whatever and set off to clean up the underbelly of Sharn. Bo got mugged, saved by Wil, and eventually found the exact dealer they needed to get to the Advocate. The PC’s proceed to ambush and murder the Advocate in spectacular form. Oh, and at some point Emere got promoted… lucky jerk.

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Goblins, Drugs and Rock & Roll
ok, so there were no goblins actually, but who's counting?

Goblins, Drugs and Rock & Roll

ok, so there were no goblins actually, but who’s counting? Wilbo got hired by a crazy guy to bust up some other crazy guys stuff. Emere was sent to deal with the whole crime thing. Eric was hired to find a down and out noble who’d fallen in with a bad crowd. All of these things happened in no particular order. For some reason i can’t really remember the details of this one. Anyway, everbody wound up happy. But where did all those drugs come from?

A Completely Normal Party
at which half of the guests were murdered.

The Players kicked back at a totally normal party

at which half of the guests were murdered. A demon showed up, Emere blew his chance for a promotion, Wil almost fell off a building. It was pretty cool. The PC’s, after much unnecessary intimidation of innocent bystanders, tracked the demon to it’s place of origin. The summoner had gotten the hell outta dodge and left a crazy doomsday machine. Despite all that, things went pretty smooth. Emere got the frost sword (which he later named Tyrfing) that he’s been complaining about forever. Bo Battlecrag the Bugbear stole some residuum from Wil, Wil swore revenge on Bo Battlecrag the Bugbear. Hrothgar got bored and decided to fade into another plane of existence or something, I don’t know. All in all not bad. So then they set off to find the summoner. He found them, as it were. Convenient huh? Anyway Bo crashed into a hospital, Emere tackled a wizard on a flying rock and Wil and Eric killed the fudge out of everyone else. It was cool. Seriously. The mayor even thanked them and stuff.

A murder most funky

The PC’s made a new freind, Eric Copperfield

who they promply beat the shit out of with the help of a terrifying Dwarven secretary named Haggrith. Eventually they set aside there differences and worked on what was really important, stopping whoever was summoning murderous demons, which they did. Yay. P.S. Emere did not get promoted.

The Mourning
Where it all began

Things Started off Smoothly

With the greatest catastrophe in known history. The players all found themselves, one way or another, at the Tower of Scars on the Day of Mourning. There they encountered Bren ir’Gadden, captured, and Aric Blacktree, chained up on a prophecy mark. And then the Emerald Claw showed up. And then the Mourning Happened. It was kinda a bad day for the PC’s, but hey thats life.


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